Outdoor Humidity & Temperature Sensor with Active Output 4-20mA

and passive Temperature output NTC10k pre

Power Supply 24 V AC/DC

Humidity Range 0...100% r.h.

Temp Range -20....+80c active/-40....+150c passive

Size 100x50x45mm


Outdoor Humidity & Temperature Sensor COW4.AS

SKU: 1000129
  • Designed to measure Humidity & Temperature in Outdoor Areas, Plant Rooms, Cold Stores, Greenhouses, Production Plants and Warehouses.

    Compatible with all common HVAC DDC and Analogue Controls Systems.

    Temperature Sensor output is active 4-20mA and passive NTC10k pre

    Humidity Sensors output is active 4-20mA

    Humidity Range 0...100% r.h.

    Temp Range -20....+80c active

    Power Supply 24 V AC/DC

    Dimensions: 100x50x45mm


    Temp Range 0....+50c

    Size 85x85x25mm

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