Thermokon produce a comprehensive range of German engineered sensors that are compatible with all common HVAC DDC and analogue control systems with or without building automation systems.

That means that we have sensors to suit most applications.

Our range of temperature and humidity sensors include wall mount

and ceiling mount models as well as duct and pipe sensors.

Depending on the model the temperature range covers from -50c to +150c.

The humidity sensors measure relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew point or enthalpy. 

Sensor outputs can be active 0...10v or 4...20mA and feature passive temperature outputs.

The range of air quality sensors cover rooms and areas as well air ducts.

The devices measure find dust (PM2.5 & PM10) CO, CO2, VOC and are available as combined temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors.

Please see the options below for our complete range of quality sensors.