Our Thermokon room temperature sensors are designed to measure temperature in rooms and areas.

These sensors operate with low power supply and are available as wall mount, flush mount and ceiling mount versions.

Depending on the model the temperature range covers from -50c to + 150c

The sensor outputs are active 0...10V or 4...20mA, selectable via DIP switch and are available with passive PT100, PT1000, NTC10k, NTC10k-Pre, NTC20k and Ni1000 outputs.

Our PT100 and PT1000 sensor range is also available with high accuracy sensor elements conforming to class A and class 1/4 DIN IEC60751.



Room Temperature Sensors

Wall mount Temperature Sensor - active output - TRW 1
Wall mount Temperature Sensor - passive output - TRW 2
Universal Wall mount Temperature Sensor - passive output - TUW 2
Pendulum Temperature Sensor - active output - TRP 1
Pendulum Temperature Sensor - passive output - TRP 2
Ceiling Temperature Sensor - active output - TRC 1
Ceiling Temperature Sensor - passive output - TRC 2
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